Saturday, May 30, 2009

Team Workout: Sevens

How not to use bear spray from Not Always Right

Today's Team Workout:

A relay (teams of 5) of 7 rounds of:

200 m run
7 thrusters 95/65#
7 pull-ups
7 burpees

Each person on the team did all of that. The relay format was a little confusing, but team workouts are always fun, we had a good crew (go Lucinda, Chris, Alex, and Greg!), and it was a very hard workout. I was glad to do it Rx'd. I think this was just my second workout with 65# thrusters. Plus I was able to get up to 4 kipping pull-ups in a row. My hands hurt pretty bad, but I got through it and I don't think I made them significantly worse.

Going to rest the remainder of the weekend and get caught up on some stuff around the house.

I'll end with a summery link: how to make pinwheels, via Craftzine.

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