Sunday, May 17, 2009

I don't hate running after all

The Regional CrossFit Games

Yesterday I went to the regional games to cheer on the FCF team. We had 8 athletes competing, and they all did an amazing job. It was inspirational and a good reminder of what giving it 100% really is. I'm excited to do some extra intense workouts this week. We also had a great turnout of supporters. We really are a close-knit group - I feel lucky to be a part of it.

Great job Tracy, Julie, Rosanne, Sasha, Tim, Sid, Brian, and Chuck! I hope that Sunday went just as well.


I have been getting nervous about the Bolder Boulder, which is now just a week and a day away. It's a 10k race, and I've run it twice before, but both times I was running a lot in the weeks/months leading up to it. Honestly, other than Murph, which had 2 miles of running, I haven't done any running other than sprinting around the building since early fall. Now most of us at FCF haven't been training at running and a bunch of us are signed up for the race. Part of the CrossFit philosophy is that doing the WODs actually conditions you for running so that you don't need to spend a lot of time putting in the miles. But I wasn't sure I actually believed that.

Today I went for a run on the Switzerland trail. I've been debating whether to run the race in my running shoes or my soccer shoes and I wanted to test out the soccer shoes. I also tested out some of the pose running techniques, landing on the balls of my feet, avoiding heel strike, fluid motion, etc., and I tried to keep my core tighter and be more upright (I tend to lean/hunch over when I get tired). I ran out (uphill) for 15 minutes, then turned around and came back, probably around 2.5 miles total.

I have never had such a great run in my life. If you're an FCFer signed up for the Bolder Boulder and you've been worried because you haven't been running, relax. The WODs really do prepare you. Now I haven't done 10k yet, but I ran at 8000 feet elevation, uphill over rocky terrain, and it was a breeze. I have never felt so good while running, never felt such energy and strength. All the lifting has given me better balance and coordination, and I felt an awareness of the biomechanics of running. Also, the shoes were great! Not having the cushioning to rely on made me land softer and move more fluidly, and my bad knee didn't hurt at all afterward.

One more advantage we will have over those other runners in the race - we will be thinking about how we don't have to go do pull-ups or heavy thrusters or god knows what and then run some more. I know it occurred to me again and again as I was running today, and it just made me smile.


The new (4th) Terminator movie: Terminator Salvation comes out next weekend. To get ready, I'm going to watch the first three. Tonight I'm watching the original The Terminator (1984). I actually think that eventually this is going to happen (the machines taking over, nuclear war, but not the time travel stuff), so it seriously creeps me out. Yet I love these movies anyway. I almost can't watch them, but they are a central part of my psyche, so I must watch them. Anyone want to go see Salvation with me? Perhaps I can stave off the nightmares if it's a fun group outing.

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