Thursday, April 23, 2009

WOD: Rowing, push jerks, and burpees

Today's WOD:

For time:
Row 1000 m
21 push jerks 48#
50 burpees

I went light on the push jerks so I wouldn't burn out my muscles too close to the meet. No idea what the time was, just remember my row was 4:34. I went at lower intensity today in preparation for the meet - didn't go all out on the row, sets of 5-6 on the push jerks, sets of 5 on the burpees with a fair amount of rest in between sets. I think, at least for me, low-intensity burpees is an oxymoron! But I feel good and not exhausted or sore, so I think I should be fine. Tomorrow will be a rest day, and Saturday is show time. I'm looking forward to it. And I'm knitting Mark a kick-ass hat to thank him for all his help and patience these last few weeks.

Edited to add:
I forgot last night's WOD
30-20-15 of:

pull-ups (1-band) - yes I did them, they didn't hurt
box jumps
goblet squats 16 kg KB
with each round followed by a 400 m run

Time: 26:16
. Very very painful, as I did the whole last round with a side stitch. Ow!


CrossFit is all about intensity, about pushing yourself as hard as you can, about breaking down your mental barriers. So where does rest fit in? Today's lower-intensity attempt got me thinking about this.

As I've been ramping up my workouts the last couple of weeks, I've been getting less rest and recovery time, and I've noticed that the rest time I do take is even more critical. Since I started CrossFit, I've only had one minor injury, a lower back strain which healed up pretty quickly and was actually quite a while ago. However, with the closely bunched heavy weightlifting workouts, I started having some proto-injuries. My IT band and my shoulders both started bugging me, and the more heavy lifting days I did, the worse they got. But as soon as I took a day or two off from heavy lifting, they felt much better. This was not pain I could "work through". (I know because I tried Monday). Instead I had to listen to my body and decide to take it easier, and that has helped a lot.

Today, I came in planning to do a lower intensity workout. I was really just thinking lower weights and a few more rests, but I was suprised how much I had to force myself, throughout the workout, to slow down, take it a little easier. It was especially hard on the row. At 500m, I saw I was on track to beat my record for 1000m. I had to keep saying in my head, no, not so intense, you don't want to break that record today!

The kinds of personalities that are drawn to CrossFit are intense personalities! That's why we are drawn to such a crazy regimen. And it's hard for us to back down when the goal is to push harder, always harder. We are goal-oriented people, and when we see a tangible goal in front of us, like breaking the record on the row, it can frustrate us to not go after it. Similarly, when we're hurting, it's easy to lump all kinds of hurt together, when really we need to separate "workout hurt", where we're just pushing ourselves, from "injury hurt", where we're starting to do damage, like I was to my shoulders. I'm starting to learn that rest days are critical. I love CrossFit, and I love being at the gym every day. But there are times when I need to stay away. That will help me stay healthy and safe and at the top of my game when I am there.


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I saw a book recommend for "Pride prejudice and Zombies" totally want to read it

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