Monday, April 13, 2009

WOD: As Rx'd!

From Thanks to James P. for posting another great link on FB. This happens when Mike talks about programming - I have a brainstem response to his cross-industry-portable skills...oh baby...

Today's WOD:

3 rounds for time of:
21 thrusters 55#
15 burpees
30 kettlebell swings 16kg

Did it as Rx'd! My time: 21:10. Slow, but I know that I pushed as hard as I could. I wanted to puke the entire time. And I don't even care that it was slow because this was one of my first workouts done as prescribed. I've done prescribed weight before, but there's usually pull-ups or something else I have to scale. So, to answer an earlier question that I couldn't answer at the time, yes, I'm very pleased with this.

For a while now, I have inexplicably been wanting an Amazon Kindle. Now I know why - it's essentially the Hitchhiker's Guide! Does anyone else love Douglas Adams? If so, don't you want a Kindle that says Don't Panic?

I have so much knitting going on and lots to catch up on. Need to get the camera out and do an update tomorrow. But for today, some lists:

RFO's (recently finished objects)
  1. picot-edge socks in pinky-orange Dream in Color Smooshy
  2. undyed Adamas shawl (but not blocked yet)
  3. undyed alpaca sinful ribbed scarf
  4. blue Branching Out scarf (needs to be blocked)
IP (in progress)
  1. stripey socks (one finished)
  2. twisted rib socks designed by a certain white carpet/red wine victim (so pretty! more on these soon!)
  3. pom pom peds for blog contest winner June (1.5 finished)
  4. longways stripey woven stitch scarf in cotton-linen
UN (up next)
  1. FCF hats for Steve and Jim K.
  2. some kind of big blanket, maybe Totally Autumn, maybe something log cabin-y
  3. Hmm, don't know what else - there's a lot floating around in my mind


Bluescaptain Joe said...

"oh baby."

Oh barf. ;)

Miss you, sis. Maybe I come see you this summer. And you can take me to one of these crossfit workouts, and I'll collapse and die.

mtbjune said...

You are my hero!! Congrats on the rx'd WOD!

rosanne said...

I'd like to add to your list of projects. I want a bunny! Those are absolutely adorable!

You could also make them into cute finger puppets for the baby too!

Amy said...

MOM, DO NOT FREAK OUT. The baby Rosanne is speaking of is hypothetical.

rosanne said...

Ooops!!! I meant for "babies"... not "the baby". You know 'baby gifts'. Sorry Ma!