Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weightlifting Meet at MBS

Today was the much awaited weightlifting meet at MBS CrossFit. It went well! I got my first 2/3 attempts on both snatch and clean and jerk. On the snatch, I got 25 and 30 kg, then failed on 33 kg. On the clean and jerk, I got 30 and 35 kg and then failed on 38 kg. Not only did I not freak out (the main goal) and have reasonably good form (secondary goal), both were PRs.

Since my weights were low, I used the wooden plates, which are 7 pounds, but for some reason they counted them as 2.5 kg. Doing the math, 2.5 kg is 5.5 pounds, so when you consider there are two plates on the bar, the stated weight was actually under by 3 pounds. So the point of all this is to figure out my new max in pounds:

Snatch: 30kg *2.2 #/kg + 3 = 69# (previous max 65#)
Clean and jerk: 35 kg *2.2 #/kg + 3 = 80# (previous max 73#)

Everyone from FCF did really well today. I was so proud to be from our gym. What a great group, so supportive and so talented.

Here are some pictures from the meet.

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