Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weightlifting and More Weightlifting

Last night: Weightlifting: Clean and Jerk
I made some good progress on form, worked up to 68# and felt pretty comfortable with that. I'm going to focus on a strategy that seems to be working, which is not moving up in weight until I get good form. Coming up this morning: more weightlifting, but I'm not sure exactly what we'll be working on.

I've been doing both weightlifting class and the WOD Monday-Wednesday, in preparation for the weightlifting match at MBS. I was going to take a break and skip the WOD tonight, but it's a workout I really want to do, so I think I'll go for it. Haven't done kettlebells in a while, and they're the one thing I don't totally suck at compared to everyone else in the gym, so I kind of want to do it for the ego boost. Of course that's just asking for a karmic smackdown, isn't it? I might talk myself into going up to the 16 kg bell, which will destroy me. But it would be better to stick with the 12 kg so I can give my muscles a break from the unusual amount of heavy weightlifting I've been doing and get in a good fast cardio workout.

Migraines suck

Yesterday I had a migraine. For the record, that was my second migraine in a month (both at work no less!). Totally sucked and also scares the crap out of me when this happens because I don't get the headache so much as the whole host of neurological symptoms (blurred/sparkly vision, numbness in my face and hands, confusion/difficulty thinking, sensitivity to sound). If you don't believe me about the difficulty thinking part, I have a stack of incoherent emails I could show you, or you could ask Tim about all the stuff I left at the gym yesterday. I used to get these less than once a year. I hope this is a fluke and not my new migraine frequency because in case I hadn't mentioned this, they suck.

Link time:

My stupidity-inducing migraine reminded me of this article on athletes and head injuries. It's pretty sad, something people need to take more seriously.

Craft fail is a new funny blog. (I especially like the spam soap. Eww.)

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