Friday, April 10, 2009

Rest Day and a Quilt

If you're looking for my women and fitness rant, scroll down to yesterday's post. Today is happy and mellow and soft instead. Quilts and llamas and knitted bunnies (really).

I'm reluctantly taking a rest day today. I feel antsy as hell, but I know my body needs to rest. Plus Helen is tomorrow, and I want to do my best on that.

First, I want to show you a quilt that was framed and hung in the cabin where I stayed at Sundance last week. I just found it so interesting and beautiful. When viewed from afar, you mainly notice the concentric diamonds of color and white.

I'll zoom in a little. What do you notice?

I'll get a little closer...

It's made up of log cabin patches! (Mason Dixon Knitting sparked my love of log cabin - so math-y and geometric!) And the whites aren't white at all. They're pastel prints, but next to more vibrant reds and blues they look white. Actually the brights aren't consistently bright and the pales aren't consistently pale (that "pale" red in the bottom right is darker than the "bright" green in the bottom left), but it works anyway. Your eyes average out the differences and see sharp concentric white diamonds on a colored background. But the variegation gives it richness and dimension. What wonderful complex aesthetics. There is true art in "crafts".

Next, here is a free cuddly bunny pattern linked via whipup that I love and will probably make this weekend. (Rebecca Danger, the designer, also has some very cute toy patterns for sale on etsy, for example, Maddox the Mischievous Monster.)

And now for the llamas. What to do when you need a llama and you don't want to have to go pick it up yourself? Dial-a-llama, of course. Via Jalopnik.

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