Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random and Brief

Today: Weightlifting

Worked on both snatch and clean and jerk in my last weightlifting workout before the meet Saturday. Went pretty well, but my shoulder is still hurting. I'm going to have to think of a substitute for pull-ups in the WOD tonight because those can't be a good idea right now.

I wrote so much yesterday, I don't have much writing left in me. So it's pretty brief and pretty random today.

Some knitting

These are the socks for June, who won the 100th post contest. I know, it's taking shamefully long, but as you can see, they're almost done! Just need to finish the toe on the second one and then make some pom poms to sew on.

The other day someone suggested I knit muppets. Not terribly practical, like hats or socks, and I thought it sounded really hard. But I couldn't help thinking about it, and I bet I could knit a muppet, not a specific/famous one, just a generic monster, like the AM monsters on Sesame Street (shown here with Ray Charles):
Photo from the Muppet Wiki
May be an interesting creative exercise some time, when I'm feeling bored with my sock and hat knitting.

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Jane said...

Sorry - I empathize with the mom.

rosanne said...

Ok, I am laughing at the postcard!

Margaret said...

Totally my mother-in-law!