Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CrossFit and Training for Danger


Last night I worked on heavy pulls (100%+ of max), some overhead work (push jerk) at 55-65# and then back squats: 55-65-75-85-95-65, 4-5 reps each set. I feel like I learned a lot, yet again. Weightlifting is just so technical and mental, I can't say that enough.

I'm sore and tired from yesterday, so I'm putting off the workout until this evening. So it will go in tomorrow's post. It's going to be another tough one, living up to Tim's "hell week" moniker. I agree with Steve - Tim must be bored.

CrossFit and Danger

Anyway, I was thinking about the sandbag carry in yesterday's workout. I was shocked at how difficult it was. It seems like yet another weird CrossFit thing to do, but actually, it's a really functional thing to train. Think of police, fire, and rescue personnel and people in the military. They need to do stuff like this all the time - move as fast as they can while carrying something (or someone) heavy or wearing heavy equipment.

I do CrossFit because I want to, not because I need to. But many CrossFit enthusiasts came to it because they needed a better way to train for physically demanding, dangerous, even life-threatening jobs in the military/public safety domains. It's easy to complain about a workout when we have a cushy desk job, when we never encounter real danger. But the people out there protecting the rest of us from danger, putting their lives on the line, they need to be prepared. It's something to think about.

This interview with Ian Carver on the Again Faster blog gets to the heart of these issues. I recommend giving it a listen (or read).

Photo from Again Faster

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