Wednesday, March 11, 2009

XC Skiing

Today's WOD: Cross Country Skiing at Eldora

For time:

Ski up scary, steep mountain
Do a couple of loops on a green trail
Ski down scary, steep mountain
Don't cry or throw a snow-punching tantrum

My time: About an hour and a half. I usually have at least one emotional meltdown when I try to XC ski. Even very gentle downhills are traumatic, terror-inducing obstacles for me. (Downhill skiing is so out of the question it's not even a question. 1 hour downhill = 2 knee surgeries.) But today went well! I think all the squatting in CrossFit helped immensely. When I was freaking out about going downhill, I could just squat very low, giving me more control and making the distance to fall much less. Did I mention no crying? Also no snow punching (that happened last winter, not my proudest moment).

I'm planning to do the real WOD tonight at the evening class. But wow, am I tired. It's going to be slow.

Pattern Wednesday (I think I missed the last one). I'll continue the knitted animal/toy theme with:

Socktopus from Knitty Winter 2008
Designer: Laura Edwards

Picture from above Knitty link

So adorable. What octopus wouldn't want socks? I prefer the friendly faced one to the scowling one. They're scary enough without scowling at you.


mtbjune said...

Good for you on getting out today! I can SO relate...that's how I feel when Steve drags me all over the mountain. I generally have at least one meltdown a day, it's getting better though. And yes, the squats have helped tremendously!

claudia said...

Sounds like an XC ski breakthrough! Squats helped me tremendously with downhill skiing.