Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WOD: Rowing, push jerks and pull-ups

Today's WOD:

For Time:

Row 500 then
5 rounds of:
Push jerk 7 reps 63# (68# first round only) (Rx: 90#)
12 pull-ups (1-band)

My time: 19:53. My 500m row time was 2:02, which I'm pretty happy with. I'll make sure to beat 2 minutes next time. The rest of the workout, well, not so happy. Struggled a lot with form on the push jerks, the pull-ups felt weak, and overall, I just had trouble pushing myself to go hard. But there are good days and bad days, and honestly, today it was good I made it to the gym at all. Things have not been easy lately.

In knitting news, I have a couple of finished objects to show, but I keep forgetting to take pictures of them. Today I'm wearing my new Dream in Color Smooshy socks in orangey-pink, finished yesterday. They are so squishy and soft and comfortable, and I love the subtle color gradations. These will be favorites. I also made 2 hats while in Telluride (don't be too impressed with my speed - the yarn was chunky). And over the weekend I finished a simple alpaca scarf, which I'm currently embellishing with some contrasting yarn, sort of an experiment. Pictures soon, I promise.

Next on the horizon, I'm thinking of making the Totally Autumn throw from Knitty Fall 2007. (Note: this counts for Pattern Wednesday.) I'm not normally a chunky yarn kind of girl, but it's been sock and lace yarn for a while now and I want some instant gratification.

Photo from above Knitty link. I think this is the little version and I want to make the big version.

I know what you're thinking - it's not totally autumn! It's totally spring! Well, I want a more spring colorway, Knitpicks' Wool of the Andes bulky in Robin's Nest (3rd one down in the picture below - blues and browns). I'm suprised how much I'm drawn to this colorway. I'm usually much more into reds than blues. Something about it struck me as a clean, modern color palette. I think the blue looks crisp and pops against the light and dark browns.

What do you think? Does the colorway go with the pattern at all? I'm not sure, but I like both. I'd better really like the yarn because I have to buy a lot of it for a 48x60" blanket.

Don't worry about it getting too warm for me to knit it. I live in the mountains, where it's winter till May, and the summer evenings are cool enough to warrant a wool blanket on your lap!

Finally, for your link-y entertainment, I found these two delightful websites via Enjoy!

(On a related note, ask me or Mike about the "steak" at our college dining hall sometime.)

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