Monday, March 2, 2009

WOD: Max Pull-ups and Running

From Google's home page today - the Grinch makes a good L.

Today's WOD:

5 sets of max reps pull-ups


4 rounds of:
Run 400 meters
Rest 2:00

Pull-ups (1-band): 16-14-14-14-15

Run: 1:55-1:52-2:08-2:00

I hate being so slow on the run. If we do this again, I will get all the times under 2 minutes. I keep thinking I'm getting to be in good shape, but then when I do so badly with running, I second-guess that assessment. Just have to keep at it, I guess.

On the plus side, I got 2 handstands today, in 5 (I think?) attempts. Getting better...haven't been able to convince myself to inch down for the handstand push-up, but as I get more comfortable just getting into the handstand and being upside-down, I should be able to move on to that (and finally cross HSPU off my list). And the max pull-ups went pretty well. I'm ready to put the bands behind me, but I'm just not strong enough yet. The plan for the next couple of weeks is to keep working on 1-band dead hang pull-ups to build strength.

Some bonus knitting content - I started this scarf over the weekend. It's handspun alpaca I got as a gift. Very rustic (thick/thin and furry), so I needed a simple pattern for it. I'm using the sinful ribbed scarf pattern from Classic Elite yarns. Lots of texture, very easy but interesting.

Here's a close-up:


Jane said...

Is that the yarn I gave you for Christmas last year? That's a very pretty pattern.

Amy said...

Yep, I don't think I'll use the fringe-y bits that came with the kit though. Unless I get creative and find a way to weave them in on the ends...

claudia said...

Amy, you may be disappointed in your performance but you are really inspiring me (for what that's worth).

I've rigged up a pull-up bar at home, with an old Thera-band left over from physical therapy looped around it. Its a pretty weak assist, but I can get 4 chin ups with it. Maybe today I'll get 5!