Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kettlebell Workout and Finishing Last

Today's workout was kettlebells:

3 rounds for time:
25 snatches each arm 12 kg
10 pull-ups (1-band)
20 goblet squats 16 kg

My time: 17:51. Prescribed was swings, but I wanted to practice KB snatch. I finished probably at least 5 minutes after everyone else, basically did the last round on my own. It is so discouraging when I'm still going and everyone is putting their stuff away and changing and leaving the building. It's hard to stay motivated, just makes me want to crumple to the floor and give up. But it's okay, I wanted to go hard and I did and some people cheered me on at the end, which I really appreciate.

I just need to get used to finishing last! I often lose perspective and forget that most of the people I work out with are elite athletes. Regular people that I could keep up with don't do CrossFit, or they try it and quit. As a regular person (with a competitive streak) trying to keep up with elite athletes, I am going to feel disappointment on a daily basis. I need to learn to live with it and be grateful for the incredible opportunity to push myself and train with the best.

Some random stuff:
  1. Oh please don't hate me if you're a veggie-type. But if you are a carnivore living in Boulder (there are a few of us) you may enjoy this: The Passive-Aggressive Vegan Grocery Cashier
  2. I had another "celebrity" encounter! You will only think this is cool if you are a knitter. But I left a comment on the Mason Dixon Knitting blog, and Ann Shayne emailed me back about it! It was just a dumb comment about how much I love watching America's Next Top Model (awful reality TV: another topic for another day). But I'm totally starstruck that a real mover and shaker in the knitblog/knitting book world took the time to personally write me an email. She and her blogging cohort, Kay Gardiner, have written some great books that are more than great collections of patterns and techniques, but venture into the realm of funny stories and creative inspiration, the kind of stuff that's really really hard to get across on paper. I have their first book, Mason Dixon Knitting, and I go to it often for inspiration. I need to get going and buy their second book, Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. These recommendations are based only on my personal opinion that they are awesome books.
  3. Here's a great link for Muppet lovers: the Muppet Wiki. Almost all you could care to know about more Muppets than you knew existed.
That was a really random post. Better get back to work before I completely lose my mind.

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Margaret said...

love the passive aggressive vegan cashier, haven't been able to read your blog for awhile, too many folk on the computer at home and the phone isn't liking your server