Friday, February 6, 2009

WOD: Running and Sandbags

Today's WOD

For time:

Run 1200 meters
12 sandbag cleans 50#
Run 800 meters
12 Sandbag clean and squat
Run 400 meters
12 sandbag clean and jerk

My time: 22:15. About what I expected. The sandbag clean and squats in round 2 were very very bad. Did not go low at all. But the clean and jerks felt pretty good. I really hope the hopper doesn't spit out running tomorrow. I've had enough of that this week. Hard to believe I used to run for more than an hour at a time when I was doing triathlon training.

Here I am doing my first triathlon, about 3.5 years ago.

I really thought I was in good shape then, but I feel so much stronger now. And I look a lot better too. Plus if I subtract time spent socializing, I spend way less time training.

Here are some links to a couple of recent xkcd cartoons. Warning: you will probably only find these funny if you are a nerd. (I found them very funny.)

statistically significant other
dangers of dating a scientist
being careful with genetic algorithms
paranoia is fun


rosanne said...

Triathlons?? I had no idea. Though to be honest, Amy, it really doesn't surprise me. I initially saw you as a very "sweet, innocent, shy non-aggressive girl" and you really are not so that. Except for the sweet part, that you definitately are! There is much to be learned about and from you. Thanks for all your rants.

rosanne said...

Oh my gosh, could I even make any sense or spell anything right. So sorry for all my errors. I have 3 people talking to me at once and I'm trying to type and focus UUGGGHHHH GO AWAY!