Thursday, February 26, 2009

WOD: OHS, box jumps, and ball slams

Today's WOD:

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Overhead squat 53#
Box jumps 20"
Ball slams - insanely heavy duct tape ball that doesn't bounce

My time: 13:58. (I think I posted it wrong on the FCF website.) I didn't realize I was so close to Rx'd - only 12# under. The thing about working out with Julie and Rosanne is that you finish your first round and look around and realize you're the only one still working out! The good thing is that they have time to recover and cheer you on. Thanks ladies! I'm learning that I need to warm up with heavy OHS. I ran into the same problem I did last time the WOD had OHS - just freaked out about getting the weight overhead and balanced and took forever on the first set. The second two sets went much better.

I also started working on handstands again today - didn't get myself propped against the wall but I did get vertical at least once. I'll get a real one tomorrow and then start working on the HSPU.

It's another crazy work day, so I'll let Cookie Monster entertain you. I love Cookie Monster even more than I love cookies! I always wanted to meet him when I was little, figured he'd be pretty fun to hang out with. He is not smart, but he's so good natured. Enjoy!

The Remembering Game (YouTube link)

No Cookies in the Library (YouTube link)

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