Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WOD: KB swings, OHS, and push-ups

Shooting fish in a barrel.

Today's WOD:

50 kettlebell swings 16kg
50 overhead squats 48#
50 push-ups
50 kettlebell swings

My time: 19:28. I substituted the push-ups for ring dips. I wanted to do 53# for the OHS, but only got one before I realized it wasn't happening. The OHS went very badly. Just couldn't get it together, probably wasted 5 minutes trying to get the first few and kept losing my balance just after I got the bar up over my head and dropping it in front of me. Then the push-ups were total crap, not even close to full range of motion. I guess you have good days and bad days in the gym. Yesterday was a good day and today was a bad day. Oh well.

Edited to add: I forgot, I did get a little closer to one of my goals. I put a 25# bumper plate on the 20" box and jumped on that. Tomorrow I'll try the 35# plate.

Here's a funny article - I'm getting to be a total Facebook nerd and I did the 25 things meme, so I'm not poking fun at anyone who did. Just thought there were some gems in here. #15 made me weep with laughter.
Article: 25 Things I Didn't Want to Know About You

And it's Pattern Wednesday. I know I missed the last two, so here are 3 patterns to catch up!

Feather Lace Shawl designed by Chrissy Gardiner

Autumn Tea Cozy designed by Emily Holbert Kellam

Paris Loop capelet designed by Stefanie Japel


Jane said...

I would love to see your 25 facts -but I WILL NOT join Facebook - did I even word that correctly? I am beyond "out of it."

mtbjune said...

I am having some serious issues with my OH squats...I practiced last night with the 45# barbell and just about died, couldn't even get one good one. Ugh. Good job on the box jumps!

Amy said...

Mom - it's probably better that you don't join Facebook. But if you want to know more about it, ask your students. They're probably all on it.

June - OHS have a lot to do with balancing the weight in the right place and also locking in your shoulders. I think OHS is one of the hardest lifts, and 45# is heavy. Try going lighter to get the form down first.

Margaret said...

Shooting fish in a barrel I love that!

Persistance pays off in the gym :-)