Tuesday, February 17, 2009

WOD: Helen

Today's WOD: Helen

3 rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters
21 ketttlebell swings 16 kg
12 pull-ups (1-band)

My time: 13:39. The last time I did this was in October, with 2-band pull-ups and a time of 15:57. So good progress! Also, we had crazy winds today that made it a challenge to run along one side of the building, so I bet on a normal day, I could have done even better. Also, as I was driving away from the gym, my nose started bleeding, didn't stop till I was at my desk. Combine that with the black eye from last week, and the fact that I disappear every day for an hour and a half and come back too tired to take the stairs, and my coworkers probably think I'm in a fight club!

Today I wanted to take a minute to look at the goals I've set and my progress on them. When we first wrote our goals on the board, mine included:
20" box jump
1-band pull-ups
a handstand pushup

I got the first two and modified them to the obvious next step, plus added a new one, so that the four goals currently on the board are:
24" box jump
unassisted pull-ups
a handstand pushup
double unders

I've been working on the unassisted pull-up every day, have gotten closer but haven't gotten it yet. I have not been working on the taller box jump, although I am getting more comfortable with the 20". I made some progress on the HSPU a while ago - got into the handstand, but I haven't been working on that at all lately. And the double under - ugh! I got so I could do one, then went backwards, haven't been working on them because it's so frustrating.

On the other hand, I've been making good progress lately with PRs, I've been filling out the weightlifting numbers, and I've also been working on getting better with the kettlebells (trying to work with the 16 kg bells, trying to improve technique, etc.). I guess the lesson is that you can't make improvements on everything all the time. I just try to be aware of the trade-offs I'm making and try not to neglect anything for too long.

Some random-ish articles:

Article: Why Facebook is for Old Fogies (This cracked me up. I am an old fogie in Facebook demographics. I especially like the part about it not being cool.)

Article: To Graft Or Not To Graft (I am definitely going to try this toe decrease on my next pair of socks.)


Margaret said...

Yup them young'ns better jus git. We're the new law in town

claudia said...

I'm cheering you on for that unassisted pullup!

I just bought a pullup bar for my home and figured out how to rig a theraband (left over from physical therapy) to give me that little boost I need to actually do a real chinup. Now, no more need to go to the gym to work on this!