Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WOD: FCF Benchmark and a Stew Recipe

Today's WOD:

21-15-9 reps for time of:

Kettlebell swings 16kg
Box jumps 20"

My time: 9:24. Down from 10:11 last time. I beat 10 minutes, yay! That was a grueling sprint. I was gasping for air at the end of it. I really need to work on box jumps on a taller box, so that the 20" isn't such a mental struggle every time. But in general, I'm happy with my improvement on this workout.

Today I'll share my favorite stew recipe - it's an amalgamation of a couple of recipes from family members, with the addition of heat because I like my food spicy. It's embarrassingly easy, but it's tasty.

Amy's Habanero Stew

Preheat the oven to 325F.

Mix 1 Tbsp salt, 1 Tbsp sugar, and 3 Tbsp flour directly in the stewpot. I also throw in some black pepper and cayenne pepper.

Add chopped veggies and stir. I include onions, celery, carrots, and potatoes, about 2 cups each, but these are only very rough amounts. You can use whatever veggies you like that stand up to slow cooking, in whatever amounts you like. But make sure there are plenty of onions because they lend mellow sweetness to the stew.

Add 1-2 lb stew beef cut in bite size pieces and stir. How much you use depends on how meaty you like your stew.

Add 1 cup red wine, 1 (14-oz) can diced tomatoes, a bay leaf or two, and a habanero pepper. I used to chop the pepper and add it, but I found that slicing it up the middle (but so it's still attached at the stem) allows all the heat and seeds and flavor to come out into the stew and then the pepper can be removed after cooking. One habanero lends a nice heat but is not punishing - if you want pain, use two.

Give everything a gentle stir, cover, and put in the oven for 4 hours. You could also do this in the crockpot, 4 hours on high or 8 hours on low, but do NOT use a convection oven. (Ask me how I know this.)

When the stew is finished cooking, don't forget to pull the bay leaf and the habanero out of the pot and throw them away. If there doesn't seem to be enough liquid, thin it with a little water, but be careful not to add too much or you'll dilute all that great flavor you built with slow cooking.

Serve to unsuspecting guests with plenty of beer.


Margaret said...

good stew, good PR

rosanne said...

Yeah! I wanted that recipe! I just printed it out. Thanks bunches. Oh yeah, and sorry about not doing that muscle up when you were there. Hopefully, I can pull it off again at some point.