Friday, February 27, 2009

WOD: 150 Burpees (Flurpees)!

Today's WOD:

For time:
100 kettlebell swings 16 kg
25 Burpees
75 kettlebell swings 16 kg
50 Burpees
25 kettlebell swings 16 kg
75 Burpees

My time: 28:30. Actually, they were flurpees - flop burpees rather than push-up burpees (terminology credit to Todd). It makes them sound cute, but trust me, they're not cute. They are pure evil, especially when there are 150 of them. I need to work on burpee form to make my movement more efficient. I know they will still suck, but I think they could suck a little less.

I know knitting content has been lean lately, but having made a major deadline at work, I finally have a little time to make progress on some of my ongoing projects AND take pictures of them. Look for something this weekend.

I'm also going to my women's shooting club tonight. Here's what I'm going to practice with:

It's a Sig Sauer .45 caliber, a really beautifully made handgun. I like to shoot and haven't been to the range in months, so I'm looking forward to it. I hope my dad reads the blog today because he will be very excited that I posted a picture of a handgun (especially such a nice one). I have a whole gun control rant that I'll post someday, but I guess you'll have to wait for that. I want to word it carefully, as I'm a little worried about upsetting people.

Have a great weekend!


Jane said...

Amy's mother is not quite so excited about guns. However, I am proud that she can shoot so well and has such a variety of interests/skills. Her grandmother was a good shot, but I think it skipped a generation.

Philip said...

Good picture and a great gun...Sig Sauer makes a high quality piece of equipment. The .45 caliber is substantial but I believe that gun has a compensator port. I am proud of my daughter.

Amy said...

no port on the sig - the gun is heavy enough it doesn't really kick

Bluescaptain Joe said...

so gangsta, sis. i may have been drinking a forty tonight! woooo!

Seriously, though, that gun is hot. .45 is awesome. after i get my .22 carbine (anti-zombie) i'm gonna get a .45, too. i'm thinkin a 1911 knockoff, though.


Philip said...

Does the .40 S&W (Springfield) have a ported barrel?