Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weightlifting: Push Press

Weightlifting today:


I tried and failed on 78#. Some of them felt really good, and on others I struggled. I think I second guess myself and don't fully commit to the lift sometimes.

Then 12x9x6 at 48#. That was actually pretty easy, which makes me wonder whether I hit my true max.

I watched Top Chef last night (my favorite's still in it!) and I am so craving a nice meal out. So I searched for a nice restaurant picture to express my state of mind. This was in Venice, a couple of years ago, somewhere in the maze of winding streets away from the touristy areas. I don't remember what I got here, but I know it was really good. Italian food is my favorite!

Hopefully soon Mike will be over his cold and we can do a nice meal out. Or maybe I should just dig out one of my many unused cookbooks and try to make something fancy. I'll take suggestions for your favorite gourmet thing to make at home (that doesn't require a culinary degree)!


Jane said...

No suggestions really, but I am going to try making duck breasts for Dad - he loves duck. Rachel Ray made some the other day so I'll search her site and some others for advice. I just know that it gets kind of greasy. You could do something with brie - I know how much you and Mike like cheese!

Amy said...

I do love cheese!

claudia said...

That's some strong lifting!

Philip said...

I've got two words for you. Boulder Chophouse.