Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Knitting Update

Arc de Triomphe, Paris

I have meetings off and on all day (yuck), so I'm going to the evening CrossFit class today. That means no WOD to post yet - it will have to go in tomorrow's post. It's scheduled as a kettlebell class - I hope the named WOD (Kelly) doesn't trump the schedule because I really don't want to do it! I also hope that Tim isn't reading this because then he'll probably make me do the WOD. ...Um, so what I meant to say was that I really want to do the kettlebell workout, even more than I want to do the WOD.

Today I was going to do a knitting update, with pictures and everything, but I don't have the pictures with me. So I'll just go with a list/narrative update and promise pictures for tomorrow.

In progress:
  1. 2 kettlebell hats: finished, just need to be blocked. These are for FCFers Todd and Tim and should be gifted by the end of the week. Margaret, yours is up next!
  2. Mike's gray and black hat: about half knit. I got a lot done on this knitting in the car on the way up to RMNP this weekend. I was too tired to knit on the way back. (Too tired to knit?! That makes you want to go snowshoeing with me, doesn't it?)
  3. Blue Branching Out lace scarf: about 1/3 knit. This is a pretty pattern that's not too hard but because it's lace and has a chart, it does require some attention. The last 3 times I've picked it up to work on it, I've made a mistake and not found it until 3 rows later, requiring me to tink back about 100 stitches. This one needs to spend some time in the knitting basket until I can give it the mental focus it deserves. (BTW, tink is knit spelled backwards - it means to undo a stitch.)
  4. Corazon mittens: first mitten almost finished. I have a confession to make. I lost these for a while. As in I knew they were in my house somewhere but I couldn't find them. They were found this weekend and I've been working on them in the evenings. I really like how they're turning out. My goal is to finish them by next Tuesday.
  5. Pinky orange socks for me: 2nd sock started. The first sock turned out so nice, I can't wait to finish the pair so that I can wear these.
  6. 100th post prize: in the planning stages.

I'll end on a random note: Mike doesn't have to get me anything for Valentine's Day this year because he already got me one of these. Awesome! It's in my office, which lends a combination nerdy/Mary Tyler Moore vibe to my desk.

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Jane said...

I can attest to Amy's knitting skill. I am wearing the stripey pair she made me for Christmas and received compliments today when I went to the orthopedist about my stupid knee. Everyone was very impressed with my socks, but apparently, my knee is not so wonderful. At least my feet look good in their nifty socks, thanks to Amy.