Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kettlebell Challenge

Today was the Flatirons CrossFit Kettlebell Challenge. There were two parts:

Maximum number of KB snatches in 10 minutes
Maximum number of KB full-cycle clean and jerk in 10 minutes

I used a 12 kg bell and got 217 on the snatch test and 124 on the clean and jerk test. I'm really happy with this. Last time I did the snatch test I got 173, and my goal for today was 200. I actually improved 25% on my previous score. And I had no idea what to expect for the clean and jerk, was just hoping to beat 100! I really surprised myself today, the form just clicked and I got in a rhythm and didn't get tired. Didn't put the bell down at all on the snatch test and only put it down once on the clean and jerks.

Some more of the day in pictures:


Jane said...

Way to go, Amy. I'm proud of you.

rosanne said...

love the shadow shots!