Friday, February 20, 2009

Got the 24 inch box!

Today's WOD:

3 rounds for time of:

25 push press 53#
30 pull-ups (1-band)

My time: 27:25. That was heavy, but I'm glad I was able to do the prescribed weight! I tried to catch Christy but couldn't quite do it. Made a really nice sweat angel afterwards though.

I also worked on box jumps, and I got the 24"! I'm really happy because when I started at FCF it completely freaked me out to even think about jumping on the 16" box. It's a long way to come, mentally and physically, in 6 months. Although the moment was kind of anticlimactic - I thought maybe balloons would fall from the ceiling and trumpets would start a fanfare, a ray of sun would fall on me, dozens of prairie dogs would line up on the creek path outside and applaud... Okay, maybe not all of that. But most of it will probably happen whenever I finally get an unassisted pull-up.

Tomorrow morning is the kettlebell challenge. I'm really nervous. I want to beat 200 on the snatch test, or at the least beat 173, my previous score. I have no idea what I'll do on the clean and jerk - they feel pretty good. I'll just try to make sure my form is okay and then turn my brain off for the ten minutes.

Mike and I went to the Tommy Castro concert last night - it was very good, especially with all the extended solos and improv, and the saxophone player is amazing. They're such good performers, they never disappoint. But I am so not a night owl! Looking around, everyone had so much energy, and Mike and I were just dying trying to stay awake after a long day. Being a day person serves you well in most aspects of life (work schedules especially), but not when you want to go out and have fun! An interesting observation - it appears that blues fans are some of the unhealthiest people out there (the fans, not the band - heck they're from the San Francisco area). A lot of heavy drinking, smoking, unhealthy eating, being overweight. In fact, many blues songs are about these very topics. It's great music but a hard lifestyle! On a related note, I really liked the cartoon Tim posted today - that's what occurs to me when people say they're too busy to exercise.

To continue the morbid theme, I found this quote yesterday:

"Life is hard. After all, it kills you." --Katharine Hepburn

Very true.

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