Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fight Gone Bad: Take Three

Today's workout was Fight Gone Bad:

3 rounds of 1 minute each:

wall ball 14#
SDHP 53#
20" box jumps
push press 53#

Score is total number of reps (calories for rowing). The first time I did this in September, I did it scaled (33# bar, 10#WB, and step-ups instead of box jumps) and got a score of 185. On December 6, I did it as Rx'd and got a score of 152. Today I did it as Rx'd and got a score of 181! That's a 19% improvement over last time. I'm really happy with it. In my opinion, this is the worst CF workout, even worse than the Filthy Fifty or Fran. I really like it as a benchmark, and I'm happy to see the progress I'm making.

Gonna stay home the rest of the weekend, try to clean the house and do a bunch of cooking. Or maybe I'll just lie on the couch instead...


Margaret said...

Would Mike then need to get up off the coach?
Excellent PR progress

Philip said...

I am looking forward to a good "rant" from Amy on the Daytona 500. If she is sitting on the couch, she will be watching the race with Mike and if I know Amy she will have at least one cogent observation about the race that is rant worthy.