Tuesday, February 10, 2009

5X7 Kettlebell Workout and Finished Mittens

Kettlebells class today:

5 rounds with 12 kg KB:
7 double push jerk
7 snatch each arm
7 pull-ups (1-band)
7 burpees
7 double swings

My time: 20:09. I was trying to catch Christy, caught up to her a few times but she totally pulled away at the end! It was a tough but fun workout. Poor Chuck cut up his thumb pretty bad. Looked painful!

Last night I finished the Corazon mittens for my coworker. Pattern from knitty, Swish superwash yarn from knitpicks. Here's the back:

And here are the palms:

They turned out so cute! I wanted to steal them for myself. But I did give them to my new office-mate. I moved into her office this morning, so given that I'm the interloper, I wanted to start things off on the right foot, with a bribe. (Actually that's not why I made them for her, but that's why she got them today!)

Still to finish: Branching Out scarf, Mike's gray hat, my orangey pink socks, Margaret's kettlebell hat, and some stuff for charity. So I should definitely not start something new. But I want to...

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Jane said...

Those mittens are beautiful - I am truly impressed.