Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WOD: Mini Kelly

Today's WOD: Mini Kelly

5 rounds of:

Run 200 meters
15 box jumps
15 wall balls

Time: 19:18. Last one done. I think everyone was finished when I started my last round. But I felt good about it anyway. I beat 20 minutes! Today's workout definitely kicked my butt. I have a lot of writing to do today - hopefully the workout got the oxygen flowing to my brain.

Today is Pattern Wednesday, and today's pattern I like is: Corazon mittens
From Knitty Winter 2006 issue
Designer: Joeli Caparco

Picture taken from above link.

I'm currently making these in blue and green for a colleague at work. I think you might need to use white or black to get the pattern to really contrast like in the picture. So the pattern in the blue-green pair might be more subtle, but the checkerboard pattern on the palms looks really cool already. I'll show an in progress picture soon.

Didn't mean to frighten anyone (Mom) when I said I was feeling low yesterday. Just frustration at work and a few other things. Maybe the winter doldrums too. I'll pull through!

Maybe I can beat the blues with some new shoes. I ordered them last week (prior to Tim's running shoe rant). They're Adidas indoor soccer/turf shoes but not sambas because I found other ones that had pink on them, and that was a priority. I hope they arrive soon. James, I took your recommendation seriously because you do love your converse, but I wore chucks in high school for a while and the flashback danger was too high, plus I wanted something cuter and more girly. Hope you're not offended, I did consider it.

Oh, and I hope Frances the mountain lion doesn't steal them off my porch. I haven't seen her tracks in the driveway for about a month now, but she's been getting herself into some trouble lately:

More lion sightings in north Boulder


Margaret said...

new shoes are always good, I'm going to get the oly ones and then with the money saved by the group order maybe get the converse, Emma said they have them at Marshall's for $20.00 so I'll check that out.
Alternately running without shoes isn't bad and it forces you not to heel strike and stay balanced on the ball of your foot/midfoot.

Good job on the WOD Amy, I definitely was in nausea territory.

Funny thing was we just couldn't convince the SWAT guys to lie down and make sweat angels after.

Amy said...

That's funny sweat angels are one of my favorite parts of CrossFit.