Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WOD: Jackie

A snowy day deserves a snowy picture. Hiking on the back five about a year ago.

Yesterday's WOD: Jackie

For time:
Row 1000 meters
50 thrusters 33#
30 pull-ups (1 band)

My time: 15:58. Not bad, but it would have been better if I hadn't hurt my back AGAIN. Gah! About 80 meters left on the row, and I decided a sprint to the finish was in order. I pulled hard. With my back. Why?! Stumbled through the rest of the workout. Had to really mentally reset myself to get through the thrusters. They weren't so bad, it was just hard picking the bar up off the floor.

On the plus side, I got another named workout down. Not quite Rx'd, but close. On the minus side, my back is killing me again. More Icy Hot, more ibuprofin, more whining. I'm going to go to the gym today at noon, but I have no hope of doing the WOD, which includes jumping (ouch!), KB swings (ouch!) and sandbag clean and jerk (no way). Fortunately noon is the kettlebells class, maybe Tim can think of something back-friendly for me to do. I might not be able to do anything. I really really hate being injured and the limitations that come with it. Feeling very frustrated.

I'll end the post with some nerdy-crafty links:

and some zombie-themed needlework (for Joe)

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Bluescaptain Joe said...

That last thing is super-awesome. Zombies are so selfish, aren't they?

In all fairness, though, sometimes they settle for soft tissue other than brains.