Tuesday, January 6, 2009

WOD: Isabelle and Discussion Tuesday

Today's WOD: Isabelle

30 snatches for time
48# (scaled down from 85)

Time: 4:50 It went well, felt fairly light. I definitely need to go heavier next time.

I'm super busy at work today, plus I'm feeling low and not feeling like writing so here is a gray sailboat picture:

Evening in the British Virgin Islands, December 2007

And here is a discussion topic: How did you find CrossFit? How did you find Flatirons CrossFit? Did you do CrossFit on your own before? Or somewhere else? I'm curious how people came to it, and what convinced them it was worth trying. Please comment, even if you don't usually. Thanks! I'm interested to see what comes up.

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claudia said...

Sorry you are feeling low. I'd describe myself as feeling the same, so much sympathy over here!