Thursday, January 29, 2009

Deadlift: 1 rep max

Weightlifting today: Deadlift


Then 12-9-6 reps of 108#.

I'd been wanting to do a 1-rep max deadlift for a long time. 163 was a PR! My previous max was 128 back in September when I started CrossFit. I felt good on the 163, wish I could have done more but my form was starting to slip and I definitely don't want to hurt my back again. The 12-9-6 was really hard, but I guess it will make me stronger.

I forgot Pattern Wednesday yesterday, so here it is a day late:

Square Cake from the Knitty Winter 2007 issue
Designed by Jairlyn Mason

Photo from above knitty link

A simple but beautiful bag with clever handles. I like the sparkles too.

I'm feeling better but work is still crazy. Just trying to stay calm and get organized. I have 2 more embroidered kettlebell hats *almost* done - one just needs to be blocked and one needs half a kettlebell, then blocking. I will post pictures of them soon. I've also been working on the blue Branching Out scarf and a new hat for Mike. The fair isle mittens, yeah, need to get back to those.

Hopefully I'll get the contest results posted tomorrow, Saturday at the latest. I may do a low-tech drawing (slips of paper) rather than the random number generator since there aren't that many entries. Stay tuned, and I will also notify the winner by email.

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claudia said...

Wow! Way to go on the deadlift!

I'm still at way lower weights...65#...but you are very inspiring.