Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weightlifting: Back Squat and Contest Winner

Today: Weightlifting: Back Squat
95-105-110-115-(failed on 120)

So my 3-rep max is 115#. Thanks for the coaching Margaret! It sure gets tough to maintain good form when it gets really heavy.

I did the drawing last night, and the contest winner is...

June! I don't have your email address, so I'll leave you a message on FB.

Thanks to everyone who entered! And thanks for reading.


mtbjune said...

WOOHOO!! I've never, ever won anything before, how cool!!

BTW, I miss all my fellow Cross Fitters so guys are the best!!

claudia said...

Awesome job on the squats! My particular form problem is collapsing my knees inward on the way up. Progress has been slow, but I'm determined.

Philip said...

This is a testimonial and an endorsement for Amy's knitting skills. I am presently wearing a pair of charcoal gray wool socks knitted for me by Amy. The socks are soft and warm. June, the winner of the contest, can look forward to a creative, comfortable and warm knitted "something". I am not just saying this because Amy is my daughter, I'm saying it because Amy paid me to say it.

Amy said...

I did not pay you to say that! But I'm glad you like the socks.