Sunday, January 11, 2009

Knitting Update

Yesterday I knitted while everyone else worked out, so I guess I'd better post some knitting instead of a workout.

I'll start with some fun/cheap knitting I did on my PA trip.  First, I got a great deal on some silly fuzzy fun fur yarn.  A part of me has always wanted a scarf that looks like muppet fur, so I have a new scarf, for a grand total of 6 bucks.  Size 10.5 needles, all garter because a stitch pattern would never show up with this yarn anyway.  I feel a little like a muppet when I wear it.  

I also slightly lost my mind in the craft store and was inexplicably drawn to dishcloth yarn in the color scheme of 80s workout clothes.  Inexplicable.  (The flash made them look more day-glo than they actually are, but yes, I did pick turquoise and hot pink.)  But who cares, I love making dishcloths and they're super useful.  They're good for gifts, but I might have to keep this pair as everyone I know has better taste than this.

I also worked on some FCF kettlebell logo hats (should look like this when finished).  This shows one finished but still needing kettlebell embroidery ("kettlebell embroidery" - that'd be a good Google search), and the other about half knit.  And there's one more that's still in skein form.  These are very soothing to knit, and if people like them, I'm glad to make more.

And finally, here's the sock I was knitting during the workout.  It's Dream in Color Smooshy yarn in a pretty rusty-orangey-pink (more orange than in these pictures).  The zigzag shape at the top is called a picot-edge, and I think it suits the semi-solid colorway perfectly.  It's a little tricky to do, but definitely worth the effort.

By the way, it was harder than I thought it would be to sit on the sideline while everyone else did the workout, despite it being a really painful looking workout.  I know I needed the day off for my back to get better (and it is feeling much better now), but it was still hard to not participate.  

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