Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hopper Workout: The Callous Ripper

Today's hopper workout: The Callous Ripper


hang clean 48#
pull-ups (1-band)
knees to elbows (not very good)
kettlebell swings 16kg

Time: 52:31.  Close to Rx wt (55#).  It was a long one.  I decided to call it The Callous Ripper because there were a lot of bloody hands at the end of the workout.  I got my first "real" callous tear.  I got one 2 weeks ago but it was tiny and I was told it didn't count.  This one definitely counts.  Ouch.  This was a slog, but it was a slog for everyone.  

Tomorrow I'll post knitting pictures: Xmas gifts to the other half of the family.  Plus a "what I knitted on my vacation" update.  For now, I have a house to clean and a couch to pass out on.  

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Jane said...

Ouch - be sure to put some Neosporin on your wound!