Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A glimpse of the continental divide from the Switzerland Trail.

Today's tiered kettlebell swing workout:

8 kg: 10-15-20-25-30-35-40-(44/45)
12 kg: 10-20-30-40-(40/50)
16 kg: 10-25-(39/40)

Each number is a 1 minute round, and numbers in parentheses are failed rounds: (accomplished/attempted). Total time: 16 minutes (16 rounds, 1 minute per round). Very creative workout, had to really focus to keep track of where I was.

Now for a giveaway!

My 100th post is coming up soon. I honestly thought it would take longer to reach it, but it turns out I really like writing blog entries. To celebrate #100, and to thank my readers for giving a hoot about what I have to say, I will be doing a giveaway. I'm hoping this will bring out some lurker-readers (non-commenters) too. Leave me a comment between now and the end of the day that I post #100, and you will be entered into a drawing for a special knitted prize.

What is the special knitted prize? That's up to you! Here are the contest rules:
  1. One custom-knitted item, or a pair, if the item usually comes in pairs.
  2. Item must be accessory-sized. Acceptable: hat, scarf, socks, slippers, mittens, stuffed animal, tea cozy. Not Acceptable: sweater, afghan, luggage, car cozy, truck cozy, house cozy.
  3. Complexity limit to be set arbitrarily by me. If you want Latvian mittens or entrelac socks, I will probably veto that.
  4. Mike can't win because I make him whatever he wants anyway.
  5. Expense limit to be set arbitrarily by me. No cashmere, hand-dyed silk, or qiviut unless you'd like to supply me with the materials. (Wool, alpaca, cotton, and silk blends are all fine though.)
All entries will be assigned a number, and the winner will be chosen by a random number generator.

So get going and leave a comment. Your comment can be related to the post or totally irrelevant, witty or dumb, nice or mean, or if you are feeling uninspired, it can just be "I want to win the knitted prize here's my comment enter me in the drawing please". One entry per person. Exception: comments that compliment me can earn more than one entry, if I judge the compliment to be sincere. (Just kidding about that, or am I?)

Also, happy inauguration day everyone. Take a moment to reflect on the peaceful transition of power that our country's political process allows. It is easy to take this for granted.


mtbjune said...

Well, here it is...my entry :) I'd love to have a one of a kind! Anyway, you've had some really great posts in the past few weeks...hopefully I'll see you soon at one of the WOD's.

Margaret said...

Amy, I love to read you blog. I do so every day. So on days that you don't post, which isn't very often, I'm sad

miked said...

I think that lately too many other people have been getting knitted items and I've been getting neglected. So I disagree with the rule that I'm not allowed to win.

Jane said...

I love your blog, Amy. It's like talking with you a little bit every day - except I just listen! I will not put my name in the drawing for a custom-made item. I figure you'll make something for me anyway because, after all, I am your mother!

miked said...

You're pretty

miked said...

You're pretty

miked said...

I hope I'm the one that gets to code up the random number generator.

miked said...

If you didn't have the captcha, I'd get even more entries!

Philip said...

OK...here it goes. I want to win your contest because I want one of those knitted brain hats.
1. I like your blog.
2. I think you are cute. Specifically, your shoes are cute.
3. In the Gary Lewis song "This Diamond Ring" I heard the line "This stone is genuine, as love should be" as "This stone is genuine, I clutch a tree".

rosanne said...

ok, so I may be a little late in posting for today's blog (Uhh I mean, to get an entry in for the give-a-way), but here it goes... I love reading your blog, I'm not good about reading daily, but at least every other day. Most days are interesting, but then there are the days that your "rant" really gets me thinking. thank you!