Monday, December 1, 2008

WOD: Todd's Birthday Workout

Today's WOD: Todd's Birthday Workout

3 rounds for time of:

30 wallball 14#
15 power cleans 63#
25 pull-ups (2-bands)

My time: 24:47. Slow, but I went up 15 pounds on the cleans, so I was happy with it. I also went up from 10 to 14 pounds on the wall ball. Those 4 little pounds make a big difference! But wall ball is awful no matter what.

I wanted to thank people who left supportive comments/emails on my "rage" post. I was blowing off some steam about work, but things are working out okay. It really is a delicate balance between standing up for yourself and playing nice. I admit I generally choose standing up for myself over playing nice! I've found that someone who just holds in all their anger at you to "be nice" can eventually end up being just as hurtful as the person who corrects you the first chance they get. That kind of behavior is especially frustrating in a professional setting, where you would expect people to be direct. But enough on that.

I'd also like to send out a big thank you to the first time commenters who posted last week. I couldn't write you back because you posted no-reply, but I did read them! I definitely get scared (and nauseated) before the workouts too. And I am happy to teach anyone to knit (or give a refresher course) - we should bring yarn and needles to the gym and cast on post-workout sometime! And don't be shy or worry you're not good enough at knitting - I've taught hung-over CU freshmen doing forced community service how to knit, so I'm pretty sure I can teach anyone.

Time to catch up on some pictures:

The yarn haul from last week's sale. What's that to the left?

Some mittens in progress. These were a thank-you for my spy cohorts in the super secret head measurement mission. They are now finished and gifted - I'll try to get a picture of them in situ.

The outdoor Christmas lights pictures that refused to turn out. You get your choice of blurry...

...or dark.

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