Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WOD: Cleans and Jump Rope

Yesterday's WOD:

3 rounds for time of:

9 hang power snatch 38#
15 pull-ups (1-band)
21 kettlebell swings 16 kg

Time: 11:55. I got 3 reps with 48#, but then just got stuck so I switched to 38#. Frustrating, since I knew I could do it. I think it's mostly a mental block. Next time.

Today's WOD:

21 power cleans 53#
50 double unders
15 squat cleans
75 double unders
9 clean and jerk
100 double unders

Subbed 3:1 single unders for double unders.
Time: 18:05

50*3 + 75*3 + 100*3 = 675, just for the record. The cleans felt much better than they did last time. Not perfect, but better. I also got a handstand again, yay! But the jump rope was pure evil. Very, very painful.

Weather in Sunset is weird. These pictures were taken (by guest photographer Mike) last weekend.

View to the east (towards Boulder). See that blue sky? Beautiful day.

View to the west, towards the Continental Divide. Notice there is no blue, just gray and scary.

Since I've moved to the mountains, I have seen "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" in a whole new light. I sympathize with the Grinch, living up above the Whos, isolated in the mountains, watching them with growing ire. All those Whos down in Boulder, with their noise, noise, noise, noise (and bikes and lattes)!

I would really love to spend the rest of the day cutting out snowflakes and writing blog posts, but unfortunately I have a paper coming due that, despite a week of fervent procrastinating, has not written itself. So bring on the coffee, and I'll see you tomorrow with a blocking tutorial and a time for the 12 days of Christmas challenge.

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mtbjune said...

Good job on the workout last night, your pull ups look really good!