Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Travel WOD and Pattern Wednesday

Today's Travel WOD:

For time:


It took me 11:00.  Much harder than it sounded.  Travel WODs are worse because I have to work out by myself.  Having other people to work out with makes a big difference for me, motivation-wise.  I miss the gym and everyone there.  I'm eager to get back.

It's Pattern Wednesday today.  The pattern I like today is from the newest issue of Knitty.

Designed by Chrissy Gardiner

Image taken from above link.

These are only 3 colors of yarn, but it looks like more because of the contrasts that are set up.  I like patterns that look more complicated than they are.  I've yet to try fair isle on a sock, but I want to  try this one.  

I really liked Tim's New Year's resolution rant today.  Click on the link and read the whole thing, if you haven't already.  But for those of you who won't, I'll quote my favorite parts:

"The New Year is just around the corner and millions of people will be jumping on the 'get in shape' New Years Resolution bandwagon. They will pound out hours on treadmills and those elliptical things and do sets of 8 curls, lat pull downs, and the like."

"Fitness is about human performance and it is not measured with scales and body fat calculators."

And my favorite line:

"Just because your pants fit better does not mean you are more fit." 

Stay tuned for my own New Year's Resolution rant tomorrow.  

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claudia said...

I love New Years Resolution rants.