Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thank You! + CrossFit and Cardio Discussion

Thank you so much for the nice comments yesterday.  I feel a little guilty because I wasn't asking for compliments, just trying to start a discussion, but the kind words really meant a lot to me.  It's always helpful to hear other people's take on the psychological aspects of training.  You all inspire and motivate me every day.  

As promised, here's the conversation about CrossFit and cardio from the other day.  (taken verbatim from the comments)  

mtbjune: Question for you...and your you do any additional cardio work on top of your CF workouts?  

Margaret: nope crossfit is plenty of cardio even the ME or heavy lift days your heart and lungs get a work out. I do Judo and Tae Kwon Do in addition to Crossfit.  Now if your sport is marathoning you probably need to add in running but will need to log fewer miles than you used to. Crossfit endurance speaks to this on their website. most crossfitters can go out and run a 5k they might not enjoy it. But it won't take any extra training, that's why 5k and even 10k pop up as WOD they're almost considered rest days.  

JamesD: June, my big thing is Brazilian jiu jitsu, and I find I don't need any cardio. I struggle mightily with the longer CF workouts, but in the 10 and under minute range where jiu jitsu takes place I've found, much to my sadistic delight, the college guys gas before I do.  

miked: I usually run 5k or so a couple of times a week. But that's more for social reasons to run with the guys at work.  

Amy: I go to spinning once a week, and I hike or snowshoe on the weekends. I also want to start up XC skiing again this year. I used to run some, but not so much anymore. Although sometimes I run from work to CrossFit!  

Margaret: crossfit journal #22 in the archives has an article on crossfit and cardio by coach Glassman 


mtbjune said...

After Wednesday and Thursday's workouts, my question was put to rest! Hope you had a great party today :)

Margaret said...

To slog or not to slog.

Crossfit workouts for me tend to be about intensity.
On Friday's workout (nasty girls)I wanted to do the jumping MU's to preserve the intensity of the workout. If I had done the pull-ups/ring dip option my intensity would have dropped and it would have turned into an exercise in muscular failure an endurance event.
When a workout switches from my being able to sprint it in some fashion, somewhere between 10-15 minutes, or usually 3-5 minutes I start to hold back every rep and every round knowing that I'll need to endure.
On named workouts it is possible to find out what the Crossfit fire breathers are doing for times. Scaling the WOD either by time, number of reps or weight are all valid ways to try to keep the intensity level up. All require the "check your ego at the door" mentality.
Perhaps the best way for me to think about it is getting up to the Rx'd intensity level which might require not being at the Rx'd weight, reps or time.

Other will disagree