Saturday, December 20, 2008

Team Challenge Workout

Today's Challenge Workout:

In teams of 4, with only 2 people working at a time:

300 pull-ups
400 push-ups
500 sit-ups
600 squats

The elite team did awesome with a sub-25 minute time. Our team was Mike, me, Eric, and Katie. This was their first CrossFit workout - a tough introduction! But they did great cranking out the reps, and our time was 31:34. Subbed jumping pull-ups (except for Mike, who was kipping great today). Katie killed on the squats - turns out dancers call them "plies". :) Katie and Eric, I hope you come back!

A fun time, and now I can be lazy the rest of the weekend. Knitting-wise, I'm planning on photographing a mitten thumb tutorial and a blocking tutorial too. Should be posted over the next couple of days. Also, I'm still working on my Zone experiment - definitely needs tweaking as I've been feeling tired and I don't think I'm eating enough. My metabolism is supercharged lately. But something's working because I do feel good right after I eat. Also, I love being able to eat more fat, yum!

Stay tuned for more weekend posts, hopefully.


Margaret said...

Amy. How many blocks are you eating? From what I've heard and somewhat experience the first two weeks on the zone most people feel somewhat hungry and can be rather cranky. When I started I was eating 16 blocks a day which was way too much. I felt grossly full at all times. I switched down to 13 then 12. When I felt I wasn't losing the fat I wanted I went down to 10 blocks a day, this is too few for me and I start cheating. I'm happiest eating 11-12 blocks a day. 3 for each meal a two block snack mid afternoon and another if I need it.
Play around with it. Starting with so much food was maybe good. I felt such relief when I cut down.

Bluescaptain Joe said...