Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some Random Thoughts and a Knitting Update

Coffee in Venice, April 2006

Thanks for the kind comments yesterday - Rosanne and Margaret, I don't think I'll catch you anytime soon, but I'll keep trying. June, strong is definitely relative! Pretty soon you'll be stronger than all the cyclists you know. For the record, mountain biking scares the hell out of me, I have full-blown panic attacks every time I try it. I'm impressed by people who can get on a bike without hyperventilating, let alone crank over mountains.

CrossFit has the power to humble everyone. No matter how good you get, the workout will always be hard. But that's also why it never gets boring. And I think that's also why it's so fun to work out in a group - it's not like it's easy for some people and hard for others. Everyone works right at the edge of what they can do, which puts us all on even ground. When I work out next to some of the fire breathers in the gym, I don't think to myself, I need to do what they're doing; I think to myself, I need to work as hard as they're working (if not harder). And that seems to work.

Last night I finished my new winter hat, just in time to wear it today in the snow. I love it, but Mike says it makes me look like Charles Bronson in Death Wish. It is a little thuggish in shape, but to be fair, I also had on a black turtleneck at the time. I will get a picture wearing it with a very girly and un-vigilante-like outfit and post it soon.

And here's an update on my knitting to do list:
  1. Socks for my brother-in-law (just started) in undyed wool, with a simple chevron pattern on the leg and top of the foot
  2. Alpaca mittens for my mother-in-law. I've decided to use my standard mitten pattern and add a single chunky cable/braid up the back of the hand. I think I'll need to increase a couple of stitches because cables pull in. Not yet started, but I may start them tonight unless I get too obsessed with the chevron socks.
  3. Charity socks for Warm Woolies. I really need to finish these up and send them out. I probably have enough yarn for a couple more pairs.
  4. Mittens for me! I sadly only have store-bought mittens, and they have a big hole in the thumb. I think I'll try some colorwork - stranded knitting will be double thick and extra warm, and I can use some of that basic wool I bought last week. They're not started, still just in my head.
  5. CrossFit hats! I haven't forgotten. I have 3 on the list right now, and I'll get measurements from you soon. Don't worry, I'm not happy unless I have way too many projects on the needles.
One more knitting update: there may be a mitten lesson at the party next week. As if stew and the mountains and good company weren't enough of a draw! :)


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