Monday, December 1, 2008


On Saturday, December 13, we're having our 8th annual Brew and Stew party! At a brew and stew, we (the hosts) make a bunch of stew (beef, habanero, and veggie) and everyone brings their favorite beer (or beverage of choice) to share. It's a fun way to try new beers and also meet new people, since we always have a hodgepodge of guests from different areas of our lives. This year we're hoping to get a contingent of CrossFitters, especially since you're all such great people and we'd love to have you meet our other friends. We're pretty far up in the mountains, but I promise to make the stew extra tasty this year so it's worth the drive.

I sent out an email, but I didn't have everyone's addresses, so hopefully this post will catch a few that I missed. If you didn't get an invite, please drop me an email or leave a comment, and I'll forward the details on to you. Feel free to spread the word - all FCFers are invited - and families are welcome too. We'll have kid-friendly snacks and drinks and we'll set up the XBox with some non-violent games (DDR anyone?). We'll start early so that people can enjoy the mountains a little before it gets dark. Hope you can make it!

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