Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WOD: Team Workout

Yesterday's WOD: A Team Workout

13 people showed up for the 5:30 class yesterday (wow!) so we did a team workout. Patty, Sara, and Emma were on my team. We did:

100 kettlebell swings each (12 kg)
200 thrusters as a team (split evenly)
100 kettlebell swings each (12 kg)
300 pushups as a team (split evenly)
100 kettlebell swings each (12 kg)

Took about 35 minutes. It was really fun, and we had a great team. There's not as much individual attention in the big team workouts, but the camaraderie is strong and very motivating.

By the way, I'm so impressed with the teenagers I've met who come to Flatirons CrossFit. I've met three so far, Sara, Emma, and Taylor. All three are so mature and friendly and nice to have around. And so focused and hard working! I wish I'd had half their work ethic and great attitude when I was their age.

Last night was a great example of "CrossFit is for everyone". We had people ranging in age from teens to 50s, about half men and half women, tall and short, different body types, and everyone was doing the same workout, being challenged and cheering each other on. This is probably the most inclusive group I've ever been a part of. That is partly because of the great people CrossFit attracts but also because of the atmosphere that Tim cultivates. Thank you, Tim!

Knitting content: the finished twin baby shoes for my coworker. So tiny! So cute! I think I might have to make a pair for another coworker who's expecting in February. These will be delivered to their recipient tomorrow.

And here's a view of the blue sole.

Tomorrow I'll go to knit night at the Purl Knit Cafe - haven't been for a couple of weeks. Maybe I'll bring the next pair of tiny shoes to work on. By the way, two different grown men (who shall remain nameless but you know who you are) have looked at these tiny shoes and mused that they would make nice slippers if knitted in adult size and a more subdued color scheme. When I get all the tiny knitting out of my system, I might have to try it.

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Sara said...

It think that they would make really amazing slippers too! In fact I've always wanted little baby shoes for myself, though i think they would be good in nice bright color.