Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WOD: Josh

Today's WOD: Josh

For time:
21 overhead squats 38#
42 pull-ups (2 bands)
15 overhead squats
30 pull-ups
9 overhead squats
18 pull-ups

Time: 14:14? 15:14? I can't remember. I know there was a 14 in there...

Overhead squats do not come easily to me. I get good form on maybe 1 out of 10. More remedial pole training for me. Ugh, how embarrassing. The pullups went well though. I tried a couple of times to switch to 1-band, but I couldn't quite do it. I can only do those when I'm fresh.

I also updated my goal list:
24" box jump
10 1-band pullups
double unders

I should probably add "not terrible" overhead squats, but that's not very quantifiable.


mtbjune said...

Hi Amy,

Since I started at Flatirons CF, I started reading your blog...ran across it through one of the links from there website. Anyway, I love your posts and it seems that we are about the same level right now. I am absolutely petrified of the workout today...the squats are going to kill; Fran almost did me in on Monday.

Anyway, if you are looking for someone to teach how to knit, I'd love to learn!

See you at one of the WOD (I don't think we've met yet)...


lucinda said...

love this blog... and that you combine crossfit with knitting...both very worthwhile subjects!
I don't knit, but have learned how about every 2-3 years of my life...I plan on picking up my needles again this season to work on a scarf to wear NEXT winter...we'll see.
It's fun working out with you- glad you are coming to the 9:30 class now!