Thursday, November 6, 2008

WOD: The Filthy Fifty

Yesterday's WOD: The Filthy Fifty

For Time:
50 box jumps
50 jumping pull-ups
50 kettlebell swings
50 walking lunges
50 knee to elbows
50 push press
50 back extentions
50 wallballs
50 burpees
50 double-unders

It took me 39:22. My goal was to beat 40 minutes, so I just made it. I think I could have gotten a better time but I hit a mental block on the wall ball and the burpees and they took forever. I had a weird combination of feeling really drained after the workout but still feeling frustrated that I didn't quite give it my all.

This picture is why I can never complain about the workout, no matter how terrible it is.

All night the wind was howling in the mountains, and I expected to wake up to snow, but there wasn't any. I'm getting a little excited for snow, even though I should know better. But here's why I want snow:

I was pleased to find out a couple of people from the gym have read the blog. If you're reading, say hi in the comments! Are there any knitters who are intrigued by CrossFit? Any CrossFitters who are intrigued by knitting? So far, the only people I have been able to coerce into leaving comments are ones who share DNA with me. Oh, and Mike left a comment about how lucky I was to be with someone as good looking as him.

Finally, a happy birthday to Mike! He is 31 today. Much too old to be afraid of the sea palm. (Although to be fair, it is a scary plant.)

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Bluescaptain Joe said...

Our comments aren't good enough, huh? Well, I'm still thinking about taking up knitting, and it's mostly because of this blog! And also because you said it would help me meet women. So, to anyone reading Knitfit (which I think sounds like Shit-Fit), even a 250+ lb macho man with a mullet is intrigued by both knitting and crossfit!

No, seriously, it's a mullet now, Mom. Fledgling still, but I think it's official now. It looks great!