Thursday, November 13, 2008

Warm Woolies: Socks For Needy Kids

Today I'll start with knitting content., Here are the socks I've knitted so far for Warm Woolies. Like I said, it's a good organization and they help a lot of children around the world. This is a free pattern from their website, very fast and easy. The socks are made with doubled worsted weight yarn. The pattern calls for size 8 needles, which makes for very tight knit socks (good for warmth and durability), but I wasn't paying attention and used bigger needles (10.5) for these. The rest of the pairs will be made with size 8 needles, which makes tighter, less fun knitting, but a more useful finished product. I think they're awfully cute anyway.

I'm really scattered right now with my knitting projects. I still have some Christmas knitting to finish up, plus the charity knitting, plus another super secret project. Oh, and I want to make myself a new winter hat and finish my Adamas shawl. See what I mean by scattered? Luckily I have a business trip next week that will mean lots of airport/plane/car time to knit. Unfortunately I haven't made it to knitting group in weeks. And I can't make it next week because I'm traveling. I will get there eventually!

Today's workout will be 2 things I'm not very good at - air squats and kettlebell snatches. So I'm not looking forward to it, but I know I need the practice. Will post on that tomorrow, which will be a rest day. I don't feel as worn out this week as I did last week at this time. Maybe it's because I did more morning workouts, maybe it's because there was more focus on weightlifting and less on the grinding awful workouts, maybe it's because I'm getting used to the more frequent WODs. I feel good, that's what matters. I've also been making some changes to my diet, seems to be helping my energy levels. I'll write more about that soon with an update to my nutrition rant.

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Jane said...

Those woolies are so cute. If I can get over my sock phobia, maybe I'll try some.