Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today's WOD: Alternating Tabata

8 alternating tabata intervals of:
SDHP 48#
Push press 48#

Score (lowest number of reps for both exercises):
6 SDHP + 4 push press = 10
I was on track to do 6 and 6, but I crashed on the last 2 sets of push press. That was a super hard workout - I was not mentally prepared for it to be that hard. But it was a good one. I know I went as hard as I could.

Super secret project update: the better-fitting replacement was finished and gifted today. Waiting for a picture.

Now for a rant. I think the blog is due for a rant, and I'm feeling rant-y. Here's my rant face:

At CrossFit, I get respect for working hard. I get respect for believing in myself. I get respect for having rigorous standards, for not giving up.

At work, this makes me unpopular. I hate passivity, and my annual review basically told me I needed to be more passive. I did not fight my way through a DECADE of education post high school to be passive. The harder I fight to do good work and to stand up for myself, to press forward with my goals and set new ones, the more defensive people get, the more they try to keep me down.

In his post from Saturday Tim says (in part)

"The meaning of life is to live it to the fullest. What ever you do in your daily life, do it to the fullest. I don't know what all everyone does in the course of their lives but if you live your life like you train when you come into Flatirons CrossFit it must be very fulfilling."

I wish. If my life were like Flatirons CrossFit, I would be successful without limits. I would reach the goals I set. I would have supportive people around me that want me to succeed. I do live my life like I train and it makes me lose friends and tread water in my career. It makes me rage at the battles that I can't win, no matter how hard I fight. Right now, the gym is my oasis. It's the only place I can be myself, drive and rage and all.

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claudia said...

Bummer about the job thing. Yay for the gym as oasis! I find the same thing is true for me.