Monday, November 3, 2008

Medieval Superhero

Yesterday's workout: 1 hour hike on the Switzerland trail, south side of Fourmile.

In the spirit of Halloween, here is me in my medieval superhero costume a few years ago.

Putting it on...

...and wearing it at graduation, May 2006.

Why is it the more school you go through, the more ridiculous the costume you wear at graduation? Actually the University of Colorado one isn't too bad. You should see the ones for Harvard or Carnegie Mellon. Yeow. Much more medieval superhero than mine, with much more unflattering hats. Thank God I wasn't smart enough to get into those schools.

Knitting content: I finished the 4 tiny shoes this weekend. I'll get pictures of them tomorrow. Also finished another Christmas present - undyed socks for my FIL. Making good time on the gift list! I've been putting off my MIL's alpaca mittens because I want to do something creative with cables and am going to make up my own pattern - haven't decided how I want to approach it yet.

Looking forward to today's workout. This will be my first week at 4 days a week (5 counting Saturday). I hope I can make even better progress. We were supposed to write down our goals on the board. I wrote down 20" box jump, handstand pushup, and I need to add 1-band pullups. The one that has me really nevous is the handstand pushup. I must face my fear of being upside-down.


Jane said...

Nice costume - I remember it well.

Bluescaptain Joe said...

i'd like to have such an outfit someday. i will wear it to teach in!

(not really)

(But I may wear it around the house a lot. Like Jamie did at the beach, remember?)