Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hopper Workout

Yesterday's hopper workout:

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
10 2-band pull-ups
broad jump burpees
10 50# sandbag clean and jerks

I realized after the fact that I totally did the broad jump burpees wrong. Oops, guess they'll be harder next time. I was surprised, though, that I can jump a lot further than I used to be able to. When I had physical therapy after my first knee surgery, the therapist had me jump as far as I could on the bad leg. When I did not go far at all, he was very concerned. Then I jumped as far as I could on the good leg - exactly the same distance. He and several people who were around said they'd never seen anyone who was as bad of a jumper as me, but their job was to get the bad leg as good as the good leg and that's it. Now I can jump far enough that people across a room don't stop what they're doing to openly mock me. And I didn't even work on broad jump, that's just carryover from jumping up. That's progress I can be happy about. I wish someone a long time ago had told me that you could learn to jump. It seems like it wouldn't matter, but who knows what I could have done easier and better.

Mike took me shopping yesterday and he was such a good sport. Now we both have pants that fit.

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