Tuesday, October 14, 2008

WOD: Helen

Yesterday's workout was Helen:

3 rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters
21 kettlebell swings 16kg
12 pull-ups (2 bands)

Did it in 15:57. Slow, but I was happy because I didn't scale down the kettlebell weight.

I've been doing Crossfit seriously now for about 6 weeks, at Flatirons CrossFit. I did it sort of half-assed on my own before, but it's much better at a real Crossfit gym with other people to motivate me and an expert trainer to correct me. I'm getting really into it, so I thought I'd start a blog to keep track of my progress. My other consuming interest is knitting. I'm not sure there's much overlap between the Crossfit and knitting communities, but there should be! Both are fun and good for you.

In my day job, I'm a cognitive scientist. No, I do not wear a white lab coat. I sit at a computer, mostly. The physical and creative outlets from Crossfit and knitting really help balance my geek-introvert tendencies/work demands. Other interests include: hiking and snowshoeing, playing the piano, bunnies, beer, coffee, travel, pistol shooting, and bad TV. I hate driving, Miracle Whip, killing bugs, wet socks, and knee surgeries. The dystopic future I most fear is the one from the Terminator movies.

On the needles: self-striping socks for my mom (a Christmas present), an undyed lace shawl, some random UFOs. Recently finished: a scarf for my dad and a super soft mistake rib scarf for myself. Pictures coming soon.

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Joseph said...

Is this the first ever comment on my big sister's blog? I think it is.

Hating wet socks may be genetic, as I also despise them.

congrats on joining the blogger community -- I am really only partly a member myself.