Friday, October 31, 2008

WOD: Cindy

Yesterday's WOD: Cindy

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

5 pull-ups (2 bands)
10 push-ups
15 squats

Got 13 1/3 rounds. Doesn't sound like much until I do the multiplication: 70 pullups, 130 pushups, 195 squats. Mike did 17 rounds (85 pullups, 170 pushups, 255 squats) - no wonder he's tired today!

Today is Friday, which means it's Mike Hat Eye Candy Friday, Installment 2.

This is a roll brim with a little bit of 2x2 ribbing just above the brim to help it stay on better. I can't remember the yarn, but it was a very soft blue-gray variegated merino wool, I think from Italy.

And here is a sneak peak at the booties I'm knitting for my coworker whose wife is expecting twins. I prefer to think of them as tiny shoes. Here's a complete one, in my hand for scale:

And here's the overall state of progress. (Sorry it's a little blurry). There's one of each pair here. The colors are reversed so that they will be coordinating but not matching.

The third one, which is on the needles, shows the construction: you knit a garter stitch rectangle, then use four needles to pick up stitches all around, knit up in the round, short row toe, then the leg, knitting an eyelet round near the ankle to lace the tie through. The pattern calls for a ribbon or crochet chain tie, but I did a 3 stitch i-cord because it seemed a little sturdier. I have heard reports that because of the tie, these actually stay on little feet. Materials: leftover sock yarn, size 2 needles. It's a great use for leftover sock yarn.

I just decided to increase my CrossFit membership to 4 days a week (5 including Saturdays). Next week will be tough adjusting to the new schedule, but I'm excited and hope I can make faster progress with more frequent workouts. It's never a chore to go work out because all the people there are so nice, I look forward to the social aspect. A little forced socializing every day is good for an introvert like me.

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