Monday, October 20, 2008


I survived the Sanitas run on Saturday. Unfortunately I wasn't able to actually run up the mountain because it's so steep, so I just climbed up as fast as I could, then ran down. It took me 38 minutes to get to the top, and my time to do the whole loop was 1:17. I could have done it faster if I hadn't gone so slow on the steep downhill. I really want to get better at going down steep terrain. I just get very chicken about falling and hurting myself.

I felt bad about going so much slower than everyone else, so I went for an 8 mile hike on the Switzerland trail yesterday morning. Fast pace, not very steep, took 3 hours. I went on the north side and made it to the turnoff to Gold Hill. Wish I'd gotten some pictures because the views were incredible. I have to do that hike more often.

Worked some yesterday on my Adamas shawl, my first lace shawl. I love the pattern - it's interesting but not hard. I'll try to remember to get a picture of it soon.

To end, here is a picture of a very, very large rabbit. (I can't remember where I found it to attribute it.) Look at his feet!


Bluescaptain Joe said...

That's the giant bunny. His name is Robert. Bob the Bunny.

Hey, can I try that climb/descent when I visit sometime? I think I could rock it, at least the downhill portion. Is it gravelly or rocky?

Rock it. heh.

Most people in this country couldn't tackle such a feat, so don't feel too down on yourself. Also, that's substantially faster than a zombie could complete it, so in a zombie apocalypse, you'd be good.

Jane said...

Are you sure that's a real bunny? Wow - he'd eat a lot of salad.